Basic Dog Obedience Training

A lot of people emailed me to write on the topic how to train a puppy? I also thought to write on it but it’s a broad category to cover so I am only going to cover few tricks that relate to basic dog obedience training and I am sure that this knowledge is the need of every single soul who has a pet i.e dog.

I hope you learn a lot in this guide and will implement as well these tricks on your pooch. It is the best way to make your dog obedient to you.

Just imagine what if your friends, relatives, people from your office or any other stranger visits your home, most of the dog jump over people and do the same with you guests? Getting my point? But how magical world it would be if you say sit and he sits right after those words vibrate a sound in their ears “S-I-T”? Cool Nah?

Let’s learn the art to control your puppy’s behavior before he gets old and stop listing you because older are hard to train but yet possible, what I am trying to say is that in young age, things world like a charm.

But that only by teaching him 3 simple commands that make the world beautiful for you and your loving buddy. Should I tell you one thing more that it will create great affections and strong between you as after all you are going to spend a lot of time with him? No? Yes? You get it – winkle 😉

Make it understandable that puppies have a very short time to pay you attention for a long time with head to toe kinda attention. So, keep the sessions short at initial days but increase as time is passing in the process.

How to teach to Sit

  1. Get for your domestic dog’s degree, either at the floor or in a chair next to him.
  2. preserve a treat close to his nostril and permit his head comply with the treat as you pass your hand up.
  3. As his head actions up, his butt will decrease.
  4.  while his butt hits the floor, launch the treat to his mouth. right away praise him for his brilliance.
  5.  Repeat a couple of times every day. Pair the conduct with the phrase “sit.”


How to teach to come

  1. Clip a mild line on your dog’s collar and allow him drag it around.
  2. After he’s acquainted with the line, pick up the quit and hold it as you observe him across the backyard. As he receives used to this, he’ll start to take into account that the two of you are attached.
  3. together with your marker word in mind—“yes”—and some treats, stroll backward, encouraging him to observe alongside. when he twirls around and springs in the direction of you, say “yes!” and treat. tell him that he’s the cleverest canine within the international.
  4. begin to pair the behavior with the word “come.” on every occasion he responds correctly, reward and reward him. Make the come command a game that your pup desires to play.


How to teach to stay

  1. put a leash in your dog and have him sit down readily subsequent to you.
  2. Wave a flat palm toward his muzzle and say “stay.”
  3. Step in the front of your canine, wait some seconds, and then step returned beside him.
  4. praise him for not breaking his live.
  5. If he moves, calmly say “Oops” or “Uh uh” and positioned him returned where he turned into to start with. again, supply the live command along with the hand sign.
  6. practice this a couple of times every day in distinct locations.
  7. After worthwhile him with praise and a deal with for fulfillment, train him a release phrase, or the word you’ll say while it’s time for him to be launched from the live. an excellent release word is “k.”