Creating memories is a human instinct. A photograph is a manifestation of all those moments when you felt infinite. Photography has made it possible for you to capture those fleeting moments and make it last forever. Photographs are silent stories in a visual form. The tales of those captured moments remain open for you to make your own interpretations. Whether you are alone, with your significant other, or with your family, you click to remember.Kelowna Family Photographer

If you are a resident of the British Columbia or anywhere in the vicinity, then you are blessed with an extraordinary talent photographer. The Kelowna Family Photographer, Eric Draht, picks the perfect destination for the perfect picture and adds his imaginations to it. If you want to preserve a moment for eternity then why not do it in a magnificent way? Eric Draht makes sure you do just that.

Who is Eric Draht?

Eric Draht is the second child of his family. Although he had a comparatively normal childhood, as years went by, he found himself in the middle of the labyrinth of life. Photography has been his escape from the material world forever. He found solace in capturing moments. Through a lot of ups and downs in the roller-coaster of life, he finally reached to the point he desired for. Eric left his job in order to pursue his passion. All he had was an ambition and a ton of crazy ideas. He has been fortunate enough for not having to look back ever since. He traveled to Hawaii, Las Vegas, California, Jamaica, and many more places. Eric Draht is an accomplished figure in his field.

Draht and His Photography

Eric Draht is a Kelowna Family Photographer from British Columbia. He comes from a valley named Okanagan Valley. Draht aims at creating photographs that have a soul-stirring symbolism. His work articulates professionalism within a moderate expense. The Kelowna FamilyPhotographer has earned himself a number of awards. He has been a prominent figure in the world of wedding photography as well. An impressive number of well-known printing Medias have taken an interest in Draht’s work. These newspapers and magazines have praised his skill and recommended his service.

Draht is respectful of your wishes and works with transparency. He intends to make sure that you remember your special moments with purity and joy. Eric Draht specializes in wedding photography. He loves observing the escalating emotions of a bride or a groom on the wedding day. Nevertheless, he enjoys family sessions and other shoots too. Draht puts his all in his works. Photography is what his heart beats for. Eric Draht is a wonderful teacher too. He has more than 60 students. He learns through his teachings.Kelowna Family Photographer

There are a million ways to make memories. Photography happens to be the easiest way of making those moments last forever. So that years later, you can look at those clicks to look back at your life. So let the professional Kelowna Family Photographer add a pinch of innovation in it.