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Cannon paddon with immense hard work and experience has achieved various respectable titles of being a SEO specialist, marketing magnet, Google analyst and much more, just being 23! Created huge successful brands and running successful companies, supported various business. His skills have brought success to many websites and improved the conditions of many entrepreneurs. He is aware of the changing patterns of technology and SEO demands, based on which he created the most reputed SEO Company in Canada.

Connor PaddonCannon paddon has on-going 3 types of business at the moment, a very busy and dynamic being! His skills are basically based on:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Google analytics
  • Online marketing
  • SEO
  • Web design
  • Website development

The achievements

He is an entrepreneur, over 10 year’s quality experience at just 23.  Cannon paddon is a very promising aspiring individual, who has achieved much recognition in a little time. He is into designing, laying business analytics, the strategies, ideologies of successful marketing, and development. He has specialised training in SEO optimization, the different user experiences, user troubles, interface development and designing. Search boost a 3rd well known company, which he founded in 20102, his present company on schedule, for appointments, which makes easy appointments just with a touch.

About cannon paddon

 He has got immense support from parents, leaving school very early, cannon paddon joined something different at such an age, he always craved being an entrepreneur and his dream have flourished today! Just being 22, he got his all work and talent approved and people aspire today to get his views and professional touch for improving their business. Google plus profile of Connor paddon

Connor PaddonWhat made him such successful today?

A very well determined and focus person he was, the works he into today, was not a duty, it was his passion and admiration. Its quiet evident a person excels in what h loves to do. That happened true for cannon paddon, who achieved it all, as he loved doing all these tasks. He got his family’s support, without which no task seems easy. He talks about how his family has been with him throughout, they never lost lose, and they knew he would prosper surely. He is surely a pioneer today, because of his efficient and dedication. Hard work is the key behind all success, and he follows that. He is a pioneer in the web culture, where he deals with the development, the strategies and the designing of web. The people who gets his touch, surely develops their business immensely, this is the reason behind such fame that he achieved at 23! His genuine and authentic skills are recognised and followed. He is a renounced personality in entrepreneurship, people dream of becoming him.

Cannon paddon is filled with energy which truly outstanding, a very cheerful and dynamic personality. Achievements have still kept him humble; he is very active in social networks, always ready to helps users, his customers, and new comers in business field.


One of the advantages you get at marketing Dallas TX is the best methods of boosting your local business. The basic concept and the algorithm used with the other SEO processes is almost the same. The only difference is in the scope of the SEO and the optimization processes for the search engine. You will be able to find quick results based on the efficiency of the Seo, keywords, content development, link building, optimization and the implementation of the Google ranking methods. All the processes help in the initial foundation development of your website and its related links. This is continued till the threshold stage of your website. Once the limit is crossed, you can witness phenomenal growth in the search engine ranking and the user rating of your website. This will obviously bring in more traffic to the website, which grows with time.

marketing dallas txMarketing Dallas TX – Lead Generation

The first aim of your website design and development is to generate regularly increasing leads for your products and services. The experts at marketing Dallas TX can help you achieve this goal through two means of SEO and adwords. The first method is the reactive marketing where you set the stage with the help of content, website design, keywords; links to blogs and related posts and search engine optimization. All these mechanisms start working once the user inputs a search text in the search engine and clicks. Then the links get automatically get connected to show the way into your website. Once the users enter the website you need to perform certain activities to retain them, show the way to the product details, make your presentation interesting and useful and then wait for the user to click the “buy now” button.

On the other hand you have a dynamic approach where you carry the messages and information about your website and the products to the users. The adwords and other forms of campaigns through the mobile device based apps can make a lot of impact on the user experience. This is where you integrate all the multimedia and infographics options within the app you create and distribute freely online. You might even make interesting storyboards, characters and other animation effects to boost the product promotion at the client end.  When the above two procedures are intelligently combined, it is possible to get the best of results for your branding and marketing purposes.

This is exactly when you can start getting leads for your products and services. The first task is to make your website interactive with online forms, comment entries, feedback posting and other options for the users. Make sure they input their contact email in the form before leaving. Then can start following up through email marketing.

marketing dallas tx

Marketing Dallas TX – Lead conversion

At the marketing Dallas TX you can get the best methods for the lead conversion into sales. They can achieve this with the help of innovative marketing and advertising techniques. They can create the most probable situations in which the leads could get converted within the shortest time.

Design and development of mobile websites require an understanding of the user experience in the functional aspects. Responsive design is suggested as the best possible approach to the first phase of development. Provision of tools to access the menu and links within each page is considered as an advantage for users who have migrated from PC platforms to mobile devices. The scope of mobile SEO is another critical factor in designing the structure and content of the website.

Mobile Compatible SEO

The service providers at Search Engine Optimization Boca Raton have the expertise and experience of working with various types of websites on mobile platforms. The various types of mobile devices could be connected through single SEO algorithm. The effectiveness of such a procedure has been made possible by the efficiency of the designers and developers from these service providers.

Scope of Mobile SEO

The scope of mobile platforms is no increasing to include tablet PCs, smart phones, android devices and multimedia based mobile devices. The browsers used could be unique to them in many aspects of functionality.

  • Most of the mobile users today are invariably connected to a social networking site. Hence the search patterns may be mostly concentrated in those aspects. By connecting your SEO coding with the leading social networking sites, it may be possible to attract many of the mobile users towards your website and related links.
  • The size of your site must fit into the mobile device visibility. You may need to make many changes to the frame design, image size, font style and size and various other parameters, Even though responsive design is an integral part of web development today, you may benefit more by devoting a separate URL for the mobile website. This may require some added work on part of the designers and extra expense for you. When you compare the benefits you receive from mobile SEO, the expenses could be considered as investments.
  • The location of links in your website is considered to be very critical for mobile users. This makes it easy for the users to navigate between pages with little effort.

Search Engine Optimization Boca Raton


  • Loading time required for the home page should be reduced to maximum possible levels. Many of the users may get frustrated when the home page takes more time than permitted by their patience levels. The probability of the users moving over to other sides is said to be more.
  • Make sure that you have included a phone number in the contact details of your website. Many of the mobile users may prefer to contact your company by phone to get answers to their queries. Any positive response from your end can increase the probability of sale.
  • Many of the mobile users use the device for local Searches. So you need to have map search optimization included in your SEO coding. This will help them in reaching your local business location faster.
  • Make sure that your website has entertaining apps for download. You may add your company logo and product details within the app. This will make an interesting experience for the users.