The Efficacy Of Natural Formulations Like Kratom Over The Artificial Ones

From time immemorial it is seen that natural formulations have been in use for curing and bettering conditions with people.  There are certain benefits to a natural use of condiments and medications and it is at best the better informed that would seek to use these substances at best of times.

The advent of allopathic medications have been in use only for the past two or three hundred years on such a large scale basis and it is thus a natural conclusion that herbals and such medications like that sold on have given results and have in use for centuries earlier.

 The acceptance of Kratom to the body in general

It has been observed that natural remedies are often successful in a number of cases where artificial or synthetic substitutes are applied.  This can be attributed to a number of reasons which are elucidated as follows.

  • Dependence: The one striking feature of most formulations that are used in allopathy is that they cause dependence on the substance. That is the person would not be able to be normal without the active administration of the particular medication at all times.  This could well work to the advantage of drug companies but does not auger well for the welfare of the patients that rely on such formulations.
  • Tolerance: This is a very difficult factor to explain and it is like so. If a particular patient is relieved of a condition by administering a particular dose of medication then after a particular period of time the same medication would need to be increased to bring about the same level of relief than the first administration of the drug.  This is due to the fact that the body is less responsive to the drug as it gets used to the formulation after some time.
  • Reactions: It could be possible that most patients particularly the elderly would be using more than a single drug at any particular time. Despite the extensive testing that occurs it would not be possible to study the effect and interactions of the particular medicine on each and every medicine available for use.  Thus it is often a hide and seek when using combinations of drugs.  Even the best and experienced doctors need to be cautious when dealing in combinations and reactions are more the order of the day than the exemptions.

Thus the use of a particular drug is limited by the severe conditions as detailed above and it is best to handle the better part of the medications with the use of herbals and such remedies that originate from natural sources.

The final say in using herbal medications

The most common grouse with using herbal and natural medications are usually the costs involved.  It is often the very rich that would be able to afford the costs of treatment that a naturopathy entails.  Thus it is more of an elitist solution than a common man’s cure.  If there is something that needs to be done to promote naturals then it is here in the cost of affordability factor of herbals.